Here, I have more pictures about batik Betawi if you wan’t to see more. 

Every batik Betawi has a “tumpal”  on it. It is in the middle. There are flowers in the tumpal. Tumpals are not always the same. There are lots of tumpals that has triangles on it. But some doesn’t. 


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The reason that I want to promote batik Betawi is that I think everyone should know about our culture. Because batik Betawi is our culture. How come we don’t know our culture? So come, you can read more information about batik Betawi.

That is batik Solo. It is really different from batik Betawi. The colors and the motives are different. Batik Solo & batik Betawi has flower motives but the flowers are really different.

Batik Betawi is not popular enough.

Hey, batik Betawi is our traditional clothing, it’s our culture. But, almost no one knows batik Betawi, no one knows that Betawi has a batik:( i’m surely sad, cause we live at Betawi, how come we don’t know our own culture? so please, come help and promote our own culture! 

Batik Betawi.

That is batik Betawi. As you can see, it is really unique. The colors and the motives are different from other batiks. The colors are usually bright or striking colors. Like pink, orange, green, yellow or blue. The motives are unique also. Usually, there are flower patterns on batik Betawi. And there are motives that are called “tumpal”. Tumpals are usually in the middle of the batik, the one that are triangle. And tumpals are only in batik Betawi, there are no tumpals in other batiks.